20th Anniversary Ranger Fiction - How Would You Bring Back the Rangers?

Keith Justice

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Tommy as AkaRed makes several light years worth of sense. Barely around and someone that stands at the top of all Rangerdom.


I would prefer if AkaRed was born from Zordon's Z-waves.

Keep him an ethereal being :castlerock:

Also, would it be too much to ask for the Phatom Ranger? I'm sure that suit is still stashed somewhere in Saban's basement.


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Wasn't RPM confirmed as a alternate universe?

Yes, but I came up with this idea before they blatantly stated it & like it too much to change. Besides, I'd rather Samurai was the alternate dimension & PR was really on the RPM timeline. As a writer, there's so much to go through in 20 years of Ranger lore, the story almost writes itself, including who survived & who didn't.


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I wouldnt like to see Tommy in the AkaRed suit becauae it doesnt have the emotional impact or nostalgia his other suits have. I like the idea of him being a AkaRed type figure (a ranger who stands above them all), but either as the green or white ranger

The Analyzer

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I'd think fans would prefer everyone lived, but ymmv.

Weren't sets and suits destroyed after Wild Force ended and PR was moved to New Zealand? I'm kinda dubious the Phantom Ranger suit is still around, though it'd be nice for Cassie to get her ghost of every ranger ever/robot/alien love interest back.


If they do the "the Rangers lost their powers" plot, Tommy's role should be AkaRanger's in the last episode.

Watching the new Rangers set off after returning their powers, Tommy then turns around and turns into the White Ranger (I would prefer the Green Ranger, but I'm sure they would go with White).

Keith Justice

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I'mma be real.... I'd honestly want Jason back as AkaRed, but he also seems to've fallen off the fan radar as well.

Zordon Reborn would also be cool...... to remind all the children WHY the giant robots are called, Zords. :D


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
I'd think fans would prefer everyone lived, but ymmv.

I know what you mean, but it's basically in the sense of using what you're given to your advantage. It works in the situation the story presents & not all Rangers show up in the footage. Not to mention some actors are legitimately dead or don't work in the business anymore.

Logically speaking Mack could be evil, Mystic Force probably evacuated as many people as they could into the other dimension & sealed it off (and we saw how that can go with the underworld gates in PRMF) Wes & Eric might be barely survivng off the coutryside as they try to keep bands of survivors alive Walking Dead style. There's so much you can do with the characters & situations.


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well im gonna say Johnny Yong Bosch will show up since he seems to enjoy jumping back in to kick some booty, plus they already have a new morph sequence for him so i very much doubt they wouldn't use it.

My guess would be that the galleon shows up (as shown in the trailer) but it will most likely just have a Gokaired or Akared until the powers get pushed over onto the mega force gosager rangers which has the potential to be cool if they callback to MM Green Ranger, could mean some good scraps.
i wonder if we will get a version of Basco too.

i still find the concept amusing changing 'angelic' warriors into pirates, theirs something about that very statement that i wanna see!
We need Alpha 5 or the new Alpha X or something. I sense that Blake and Hunter would do a secret mission while compete for international motocrossing.


They could easily have AkaRed be a new form taken by the Phantom Ranger (didn't Linkara said that one of its possible origins was the spirit of past Rangers?) that way they don't have to come up with PR name or create a wholle new character for AkaRed.


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for Justin, he would be working for NASADA which he reveals is where his father was working at , he comes across the rangers in the turbo crossover. when in that episode the rangers are defenseless, he brings his turbo morpher into action and morphs once again but as a adult. similar to True Blue to the Rescue


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Its not that hard. Just have them come back with zero explanations like Soap Operas , especially if they were killed off.
Turbo: Justine Depending on the age of Blake Foster, I'd Like Justin either in High school or working on something car related (like a mechanic after all he was pretty smart if memory serves). Also I would Absolutely love for him to be Driving around Storm Blaster!
in Space: Andros, either working as an ambassador to earth for KO-35. Or having some sort of link to a Power Rangers Museum. I mean the Original Astro Megaship was made into a museum so maybe they expand on it, make exhibits on different teams and have models of Zords a such! And he could fill the place of Yellow Lion from Liveman when talking to our Joe Stand in, talking about how much it hurts to see a friend (or Family member in his case) being used by the forces of evil but that he shouldn't give up.
Lost Galaxy: Kendrix Morgan, I feel sense her actress had to leave due to leukemia I think it would be nice to give her time back that she had to leave for treatment, either that or Mike. If not I'd like Karone as not only could she bring on stuff about Lost Galaxy but also the themes of not being truly evil and saving people which if the adapt the Balrizorg story like for the Super Megaforce Blue Ranger she would be perfect to talk about helping someone who you care for who is evil and unable to accept your help.
Light speed Rescue: Carter, he embodied Light Speed Rescue, he saved people before LSR, He was selfless and a hero and one of my favorite Red Rangers!
Time Force: I think Wes would be the best as he is the embodyment of Time Force's message, That One makes their own destiny! He defied History and saved his friends and his family!
Wild Force: I'd like to see Cole back as a Vet Not just because his Sentai a counterpart was, but it makes sense for his Character. Plus he could maybe explain why the Red Lion looks different, like maybe saying that all animals grow and change. Also I'd like to have him with a young and adopted, Schuyler "Sky" Tate (from S.P.D), to explain the picture in Sky's room of him and his dad, who is in the Red Time Force Uniform.
S.P.D: A young Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, who has just Become part of SPD (sense the SPD series took place yeas in the future) Rangers meet a younger version of him. And the S.P.D tribute episode ends with the Doggie Cruger of the future writing up a memoir of his life 9recalling his encounter with the Super Megaforce), after the events of "Endings Part II."
Mystic Force: Any of them, but I just want them to explain, how they know thta the Gokaiger Adaption needs the Grand powers of the Previous Ranger teams by saying they had a vision or saw it in a dream. ( Plus it explains it unlike how Kai Ozu never explained how knew of the Grand powers or that they were needed to get related to The Greatest Treasure in the universe in Gokaiger)
RPM: Dillon sense he was the main focus in my opinion. So he would make the best to talk about RPM's Story. As for what he is doing, to match up with the Sentai Footage I think him as part of a task force to finish off all left over Venjix Forces would be a good idea.

Also I want the Phantom Ranger to take the place of Aka Red. His time traveling could be because he had to get a reading power signatures from each ranger so he could track down their ranger keys after the legend war, by that I mean he visited every Ranger team in their era or (dimention in RPM's case) but Turbo and in Space were the only ones he had direct contact with. After returning from his travels he sets out to find the Ranger Keys meets our Marvelous Counter part and Basco Counter part and forms the Phantom Pirates! Only to be betrayed by Basco Counterpart who, while trying to take over the Galleon, steals the remaining Ranger signatures to find the renaming 6th Ranger and Extra hero keys, before Marvelous Counterpart Takes off in The Galleon.
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For what I can see for the Pirate Rangers....

I don't think I wanna know about the Disney Rangers, but someday I hope there'll be those that'll take their place Saban style. As in switch the Disney actors to new actors as Saban rangers.

Wild Force: Cole can make a reappearance as a vet like his counterpart. Especially Alyssa & Merrick. That is... if Zen-Aku could appear again... maybe as an ally.
Time Force: Alex can appear. Eric and Wes guest in. Then all Time Force rangers show up in a hologram saying hello and wishing them good luck or something.
Lightspeed Rescue: Dana returns.
Lost Galaxy: Leo, Kendrix, Kai & Mike can come in.
In Space: Andros & Zhane return. (Maybe there can be those from KO-35 to take TJ's & the others' places)
Turbo: TJ, Cassie & Justin.
Zeo: All five.
MMPR: Zack, Kim, Billy & Aisha. Tommy returns again.

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