Metroid Prime 20th Anniversary Visual Tribute Album Premiering November 17th

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This fall Metroid Prime turns….I hate typing this….20 years old. As one of the best games the Gamecube ever had and a revolutionary title overall, it deserves a party…but Nintendo isn’t springing for a cake or balloon animals. There’s no official acknowledgement of the anniversary and Metroid Prime 4 is lost in space. As it typically the case, it’s up to the fans.
Presenting”Prime: Metroid Reimagined,” a unique cover album that goes beyond just rearrangement. It’s a visual experience with a video accompanying each song. An international team of video game musicians, artists, and designers worked tirelessly to create the ultimate ode to Samus’s Tallon IV adventure. Check out these impressive credits:

Composed, arranged, and produced by Zeke Fenelon (aka Outset Initiative), video game remix artist and game developer on Halo Infinite.
Piano performed by Ryan Ike, two-time BAFTA-nominated composer and sound designer best known for his work on award winning games including Gunpoint...

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The Metroid Prime Trilogy has a most transient meteoric phenomenal soundtrack and this tribute gives it a new life that makes it sound so current and so 2022.


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Do they have Nintendo's permission to carry this out? I want to know if there is a way to obtain the rights to use videogame music because I am also an aspiring musician.

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