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The ULTRA-ACT figures thread.

First scans from HJ aprile 2010 issue provided by dvillangelo [via CyberGundam]As the scan itself says:
-release date: june
-price: 2940 yen



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I guess he'll come soon.

You should have included the price and release date.:D

Well, the scan itself says those things, but anyway, I'll edit the 1st post.

Anyways, I have posted the news on my blog: http://www.jefusion.info/2010/02/ultra-act-ultraman.html
Are the infos I got are right?

What infos? I mean, it's not you wrote something else besides what was said here. If it's right here, it's right there:)

And you wrote "move" instead of "movie".
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^Yeah, I can't wait for the Ultra's now! This is gonna be awesome! Sorry if it was said somewhere already but around when are we seeing the first waves of these guys again? Or was there no release date yet?

EDIT: Whoops, june, nevermind, lol! :p


Really? Didnt knew that. Do you remember who released those? Now you sparkled my interest [said in Philip voice]^__^

I'll check tonight since I have Ultraman, Ultraman Gaia, and Ultraman Taro at home, still mint in sealed box since I didn't want them to lose value. :sweat:

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