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  • I saw the legacy power morphers and was wondering how much you would suggest as a general range for an offer.
    I'm interested in the individual astro switches, namely, #'s 10, 11, 29, and 38,also the pack with switches 18 and 19, aas well as curious as to the price of the hi-hack gun & switch #20
    still waiting for a reply.......
    i PMd you about the ranger key chest shipping, are you still interested???
    Hello! Just wondered if those Gaoranger power animals still available; and if you could let me know what you're after for them individually/as a lot? That'd be sound.

    Either way, best of luck sorting out the job situation!
    I am interested in Zakutor and Parasagun, as well as the batteries from Kyoryujin, if possible. Please let me know what kind of deal I could get.
    Sorry if this is last minute but can you switch shinken red with dekabreak, I'm currently saving my money to buy a mobirates and it comes with shinken red. Thanks!!
    just seeing if you're alive. leave me your paypal email in a PM and I'll instantly pay for the Dekamaster thing.
    Hello. I was curious if you got the keys a while back. I was also curious how much you were wanting for the TimeShadow? Mine is a little broken.
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