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  1. K

    Fan google doodle of two tokusatsu shows

    Hello its me again ,i made two fan google doodles to pay homage to two series kamen rider and super sentai because its their anniversary, for kamen rider:http://barneyjones123.deviantart.com/art/google-doodle-kamen-rider-205510845 for Super...
  2. K

    Tell me the whole plots/sypnosis of lets go kamen rider (spoiler) with ending

    While we are waiting for the DVD since im from a different country,Tell me the whole plot of lets go kamen rider I want it just the whole film plots from wikipedia no swear words in between plots and no funny remarks no making fun of it I want the whole detail of the story while we are waiting...
  3. drpepper

    Different Kinds of kamen Riders...

    Ok, so im a noob to forums, and discussions and the like...so i just wanted to throw put there, who is youre favorite Mask wearing hero OUTSIDE of toku? again, im fairly new to the toku scene (i have the HJU podcast to thank for drawing me in) but recently ive gotten back into M.A.S.K, which...
  4. Horatio

    SH Figuarts Ichigo, Nigo, and V3

    YouTube - SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ichigo (the First) YouTube - SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Nigo (the First ver) Review YouTube - SH Figuarts Kamen Rider V3 (the Next ver) Review
  5. Patrick Starfish Hitler X

    What is the most Awkward/Embarassing thing you've done involving Kamen Rider?

    ^ Topic Well, Me after a party at my house and after i got intoxicated. I once used a DX (Not gonna name the weapon) for foreplay. Yes for foreplay not roleplay. How about you guys?
  6. Horatio

    Kamen Rider W Fang Memory Review + DX Mewtwo UFO Review

    Hey guys, I uploaded two reviews today, a Kamen Rider review and a Pokemon review. Enjoy! :D YouTube - Kamen Rider W Fang Memory Review YouTube - Pokemon DX Mewtwo UFO Plush Review
  7. Horatio

    ACTUALLY Kamen Rider W DX Lost Driver Review

    Sorry guys. I just realized I titled my Skull Magnum review wrong, I was rushing before work. Here is the ACTUAL Lost Driver Review. YouTube - Kamen Rider W DX Lost Driver Review
  8. Horatio

    Kamen Rider W Lost Driver

    YouTube - Kamen Rider W Skull Magnum Review Thanks for watching guys! <3
  9. Horatio

    Jusco Exclusive Cyclone Memory

    YouTube - Jusco Exclusive Cyclone Memory Review
  10. Horatio

    Hidari Shotaro and Philip Chibi-Arts Figures (And Banpresto Fuuto-Kun Keychain)

    YouTube - Hidari Shotaro Chibi-Arts Review YouTube - Philip Chibi-Arts Review And I forgot to post this guy when I uploaded him yesterday, but he's a cute little thing that I don't see too often. :3 YouTube - Banpresto Fuuto-Kun Keychain Review Thanks for watching guys...
  11. Horatio

    Horatio's Sales and Trades! (W, OOO, 555, Shinkenger/Doujinshi, Kids, Candy Toys)

    Hey guys! I've got some little stuff up for sale or trade. For trades I'm in general looking for things from: Kamen Rider W, Den-O, Kiva, Decade, or anything involving Ankh; Boukenger, Godzilla et al, and Gamera. (I'm also a big time Pokemon collector, with primary specialization in Mewtwo and...
  12. S

    My Kamen Rider Music Videos

    I made some vids with Kamen Rider I'd like to share with you guys. KAMEN RIDER AGITO: HEROS FIRE YouTube - KAMEN RIDER AGITO: HEROS FIRE KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE: COUNTING YOUR SINS YouTube - KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE: COUNTING YOUR SINS Accel:Just So Cold YouTube - Accel:Just So...
  13. nerefir

    Kamen Rider Girls live

    YouTube - ?????????????????LS Main KRG thread
  14. C

    New to Kamen Rider

    I started watching Kamen Rider about 4 months ago. The first series I watched was the shortest one in the decade (you know the one), and that series made me interested in watching the rest of the 2000s series. Only thing is, with a franchise like KR, each series has a different vibe from what I...
  15. T

    Want Gaia Memories

    Hey. I thought I should make a more targeted thread for this since random searches didn't help a whole lot. I'm looking for a few specific gaia memories: Trigger Joker Metal Heat Cyclone Luna Dopant Memories: OLD generic Not particular on whether I get candy/dx/usb/etc, but...
  16. 145zzz

    Canadian HJU Fans UNITE!

    Hello fellow Canadians! I have decided to take StaticShin27's advice and make a thread about Canadians and all things toku! Here you can discuss various toku shops found across Canada, anything related to tokus or Canada related stuff, like politics! (Though the latter seems unlikely :169:)...
  17. hakaider

    Souchaku Henshin Kabuto figures

    Sale ended. Thanks!
  18. Kamen Rider Scorch

    Kamen Rider Hilarity

    :laugh:What are some funny moments from Kamen Rider you can recall? Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr6lu3esHbc
  19. K

    Souchaku Henshin Series Masked Rider Ouja

    brand new a little wear of the package but of the figure contents are intact. asking for $20-$25 shipped for the U.S.
  20. kamenriderdiend

    kamen rider double official radio website windwave