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  1. RiderScoutJordan

    How Would You Bring Kamen Rider SPIRITS To The US Market

    Yeah, I know it was mostly made on nostalgia, but I do feel that Kamen Rider SPIRITS could make it to US shores and be successful. But how would one go about bringing it here? I'd love to know, because I would be down with any movement/petition/twitter trend that would bring it over.
  2. K

    What is the trope name for kamen rider kuuga episodes titles ?

    when i tried to find out what is the trope name for the episodes names :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamen_Rider_Kuuga#Episodes I cant find them in tv trope can you tell me what they are (the tvtrope names) and what type of trope name for the 2 final episode which is named after the protagonist...
  3. K

    scan of a tokusatsu manga found 自扫][东映·讲谈社][藤泽真行、他]SuperHeros vol.2 (kodonasha club )

    remember i told you where you can find and scan some of the tokusatsu mangas ,well here's one of them and all its pages are in this blog :http://bbs.saraba1st.com/2b/read-htm-tid-472365-fpage-782.html in fact here are the five examples of the mangas including its pieces of the book,It...
  4. K

    Theory:Kamen rider fourze will end with episode 40

    :sly:Remember kamen rider fourze the series series that commemorated 40 years of riders well it has only 40 switches mentioning 40 throughout the series and the name fourze represents forty (40) it think that the episodes will end in 40 because believe it or not episode 40 is the final...
  5. K

    manga adaptation of fourze and get all tokusatsu mangas

    Look :170: :shakefist What iam saying is not a joke or a lie Children's Manga magazine which adapts some of the anime for kids including PlayStation video games like ratchet and clank called CoroCoro adapted kamen rider fourze for a story in their February issue and its not doujinshi its real...
  6. V

    Kamen Rider OOO Driver and Medel set 1,2,3,4 For Sale

    Hey all the names vash anyway i got a OOO river but im not that in to kamne rider toys so if anybody wants it il take anything over 90 note there are a bit of ware and tear but thats from the fact that canada custom are a holes so also this does include all the medal sets too 1-4 so if you want...
  7. Horatio

    Paying Rent (Roleplay toys, figures, vintage, etc)

    Allo Allo. It's Horatio's garage sale! Please make an offer on anything. Some of these items I'm not sure about the pricing for, but we can discuss anything. Rules: I ship internationally. Everything ships from San Francisco, CA. Paypal only. Check out my eBay here, complete with excellent...
  8. J

    Question: Heroes an cultrual Zeitgeist

    Hi there. Newbie Jordan here with one quick question: What kind of zeitgeist did heroes like Kamen Rider, Tetsujin 28 and Ultraman come up in? It's a question that's been bugging for a week at least, so knowing that there a several smarty pants (Igadevil, ect..) who are on this forum, I just...
  9. K


    Trying to look for belts on ebay.Can anyone recommend any legit ebay sellers with a good variety of kamen rider? :thumbs:
  10. K

    Buying Kamen rider W

    :castlerock:Buying kamen rider w belt i live in the us and im trying to get for maybe cheaper than other places. I would like it in an ok condition with at least cyclone and joker. Please don't post prices like i see everywhere else.
  11. K

    Buying Kamen rider Zeronos belt

  12. K

    Buying Kabuto Zector and Belt

    Buying Kabuto Zector and Belt or if you guys know anyone sell it.
  13. K

    Kamen Rider Faiz Dx

    :disappoinDoes anyone still sell Kamen rider faiz dx belts? can anybody give me a link to faiz dx belt on yahoo japan?
  14. D

    Kamen Rider Merch Bundle! Please consider this!

    Due to complete and total desperation, I'm gonna go ahead and try to offload everything I've got in a bundle to try and make ends meet. It ain't a lot, but it's all I've got. Here's a list of everything I've got: 1. Kamen Rider W: S.H. Figuarts 2. Kamen Rider OOO: Medajalibur(includes 3 cell...
  15. G3nTigerFan

    If you have a custom kamen rider...which real rider will you meet??

    I bet all of you have your own custom kamen riders with super and cool features on him/her....now when your custom rider meet a real rider from the series who would it be?? and give it a little story!!
  16. Yujiiro

    Need A Little Toku In Your Wardrobe?

    I've been looking into getting a few extra bucks in my pocket, so I've decided to start selling T-shirts. It's a simple thing to do, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been looking for Kamen Rider and Super Sentai T-shirts. I haven't done much, as of yet, BUT I am working on a few shirts...
  17. K

    Figured out why ichigo nigo in fourze series

    One month ago a report in jefusion claims that a guy at Twitter saw a filming location of a new Kamen Rider show kamen rider fourze which will air september. He also claimed that he saw Kamen Rider Ichigo and Nigo in the scene and there was also a rumour in which a club about kamen rider is...
  18. Horatio

    Horatio's Sales of AMAZING (KR, Video Games, Pokemon)

    Due to some stuff going on in comments, I wanted to specify something: all orders will be mailed out with delivery confirmation. If anyone who has bought from me through this forum in the past could comment about their items, that could be much appreciated. Regular paypal payments (as "gift"...
  19. Horatio

    SH Figuarts Ankh Review

    YouTube - SH Figuarts Unkh Review
  20. nerefir

    Kamen Rider OOO - Talk Up Part 3!!

    Continued from http://forums.henshinjustice.net/showthread.php?t=63688 Three things that happened in the last Kamen Rider OOO: 5 purple Core Medals have found their way into Eiji's body Uva has been stockpiling Cell Medals in order to get stronger School uniform cosplay What will happen next...