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    Food channel on tv

    I'm thinking that YouTube, blogs, and forums would give you the same thing. Nonetheless, some people like to sit in the living room and enjoy a good TV show, not be tied to a computer. Cooking food is definitely an art, much like making a painting, fixing up a car, or doing a math proof. I...
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    Batman and Robin - Overall Bad 90s Movie

    I've always wondered how things can fail at this level. I mean, with this much money on the line, it seems like they could have gotten a decent writer/writers. I mean, give me a break. :( Anyway, it seems like everything can fail, no matter how much money is put into something. So we...
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    Batman and Robin - Overall Bad 90s Movie

    Despite the all-star cast, it was a critical disaster. In fact, it seemed like some sort of mockery of Hollywood, :rolleyes: kind of like when the NBA stars lost their talent on Space Jam. o_O In fact, the actor who did the best, George Clooney, could only do so much - given the horrible...
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    Is Ben Affleck Done As Batman?

    Some people probably thought Micheal Keaton's acting of Batman was weak. Nonetheless, I liked it cause it had a sort of geeky "Clark Kent" appeal. I mean, some human flaws are great for superhero characters, in my opinion. Anyhow, though, Ben Affleck just seems to "normal" for a Batman role...
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    Interview With A Robot Named Fight Developer Matt Bitner

    I don't know many 2D games out now. Note the last one I played was Super Mario Bros Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns. Anyway, it's nice to see more coming out. Does anyone think there will be a lot of them? Will it become a new trend and fashion?
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    PS Plus Prices Increasing

    The point of the membership is to get deals, right? Well, if the membership is really high, then how is it an advantage? Note, in that case, a person would be better off shopping at GameStop or eBay. Nonetheless, though, the marketing people aren't dummies - so I'm sure the price increase is...
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    Black Panther Gets New Poster

    I think the public wants some more heroes other than the traditional ones like Batman or Superman. In that case, this Black Panther thing should work out well - especially among African or New World African audiences. Oh, by the way, has anyone noticed that Black Panther is also a reference to...
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    Star Wars: Directors Exit Han Solo Film

    The reason for the firing was due to the fact the directors were very liberal while the company favored a traditional approach. Anyway, though, I have to side with the directors. For instance, they were saying more comedy was needed and it's interesting to note that comedy is what made the...
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    SDCC 2017: Krypton To Have Classic DC Heroes And Villains

    This movie reminds me of the original Terminator movie. Note, in that one, the bad Terminator, as opposed to the good one in the 2nd film, travels back in time to destroy John Conner's mother while another guy travels back in time to save her. However, though, of course, it probably isn't...
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    New Nintendo Trademarks Hint At An N64 Classic

    Money talks. In that case, I'd say Microsoft would give in to Nintendo's demands either via some partnership or a big payoff. Definitely Banjo-Kazooie, the Mario Adventure Games, Donkey Kong, and Mario Kart. Anyway, I'm sure Nintendo, at the very least, owns anything related to Mario.
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    Confirmed Nintendo Switch Indie Game Lineup

    Yooka-laylee and SnakePass look fun as I am a big Banjo-Kazooie fan and, as mentioned in the post, they are similar to it. Anyway, two of the games, Star Dew Alley and Terraria, look way too simple for modern gamers. Do you think modern gamers are not biased against such simplicity? Well, I...
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    Price Scalping For The SNES Classic Has Already Begun

    Honestly, I think a lot of this stuff is silly. I mean, they could easily put a lot of those games on the Wii, Wii U or Switch, and they have already, take Super Mario All-Stars (Wii), for instance. However, though, people want the original system for nostalgia purposes and I can't blame them...
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    If You Play One Mario Fan Game Destined To Be Taken Down, Make It This One

    I think the hacker is a talented dude and shouldn't be punished, but rather, should be working for Nintendo. ;) He wasn't making money off of it, so I see no cause to be too harsh on him. Also, there is the fact few could probably copy him, making him less a threat.
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    First Look At The Mysterious "Ataribox"

    Wow, :eek: I'm shocked. This is literally like something going from the stone age to the space age. Anyway, I hope they can pull of this new scheme, but exactly how will this new system be different from the current ones? Will it still use the same odd controller it had back in the 80s?
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    Walking dead stuntman dies

    I don't think the stunt business, motorcycling, flying, and the military are inherently dangerous. Instead, people on rare occasions make tragic mistakes. For instance, looking at real percentages, I'd say the overall death rate is very low for people following all safety procedures. Anyway, I...