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    Ultraman Zeed images just yet, but Tsuburaya filed a trademark for ウルトラマンジード/Ultraman Jiido. Zeed seems to be a common rendering of the name, so I'm guessing that's the English rendering.Orb toy scans started leaking around...
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    Kyoryuger 2: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave

    This probably deserved its own thread.Due to the popularity of the line in Korea, a Korean Kyoryuger season under the name Power Rangers Dino Force Brave has been announced. Not only is it a Korean Sentai but it's being called an actual sequel to Kyoryuger with the title Zyuden Sentai...
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    Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga trailer and story details trailer for Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga, the Amazon Prime spinoff showcasing Gai and Juggler's backstory.This looks so good, a step above the TV series (which itself is great) and a lot more intense than I was expecting...
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    Ryosuke Sakamoto, Bioman's Red One, Diagnosed With Cancer

    So Ryosuke Sakamoto, who played Red One in Bioman, was recently diagnosed with cancer and will undergo surgery for it in September. (there's a summary of the event he made the announcement at here)To sort of help cheer him up, we're asking people to use #GoRedOne on Twitter with messages of...
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    The Heisei Era Could End...Soonish

    This is news, right? Because Toei will almost certainly make a big event out of the final Heisei era Rider show and the first show of a new era.Emperor Akihito of Japan wants to abdicate. But he can't. There's a law that states an emperor must serve until death as well as a post World War II...
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    Ultraman 2016: Begins in July's been announced that a new Ultraman show will begin later this year in July, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the original Ultraman series. We don't anything else about it yet though.
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    Ultraman Ginga - Discussion thread

    The first episode is out! (Raw)It's a pretty interesting first episode, a little slow to start out with and then straight to the point. There's an interesting twist involved with the "transforming into other heroes" aspect here as the hero can also transform into the monsters, and mistakenly...
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    [Anime] Saban Might Be Bringing Pretty Cure Over... "Gangnam Girls" sounds suspiciously like Smile Precure to me.
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    [Anime] Saint Seiya Omega: New Cloth - Discussion Thread

    New year, new thread! The Mars arc is over and the saints are now joined by Subaru, a young Steel Saint as they fight against Pallas, an ancient enemy of Athena.
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    GARO: The One Who Shines in the Darkness - Episodes 1-3

    And the show's back! This time it's a brand new cast of characters as the Garo armor has been passed on to a guy named Ryuga Dogai, though the armor itself has lost its golden shine for some mysterious reason. Joining Ryuga are two new Makai Knights, one played by Gokaiger's Junya Ikeda...
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    Zyuden Sentai Kyouryuger, ep. 2 "Gaburincho! Snapping Combination"

    Gaburincho! Snapping Combination Writer: Riku Sanjo Director: Koichi SakamotoThe five Kyoryugers are now assembled, but Daigo finds the others do not want to act together as a team as they keep their identities secret from each other, such as Nobuharu living with his sister and niece or Amy...
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    Zyuden Sentai Kyouryuger, ep. 1 "Let's Go! The Red King!"

    Let's Go! The Red King Writer: Riku Sanjo Director: Koichi SakamotoAfter millions of years, the Deboss Army has returned to attempt to rule the world of man, after having failed to do so to the world of dinosaurs. Standing in their way is Daigo Kiryu, who has been tasked to first find and...
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    [Anime] DokiDoki! PreCure Discussion Thread

    So the 10th one has finally begun and it's time for a proper discussion thread! What did everyone think of the first episode? I was rolling when Mana tried to talk down that giant crab.
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    NEO ULTRA Q - Talk Up!

    It's here! The third Ultra Q TV show, which are usually shows part of the Ultraman franchise but feature no transforming heroes and focus more on incidents revolving around monsters and the people who investigate them. This series also happens to star Rin Takanashi (ShinkenPink)
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    [Video Game] Pokemon X and Y: Friend Codes in the OP

    This totally deserves a thread of its own. In case you haven't heard yet...Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Announcement - YouTubeNintendo - Pokémon Direct 1.8.2013 - YouTubeFull 3D Pokemon games for generation VI!