Deep Water Games has picked up the distribution rights to the tabletop strategy game Fantastic Factories. The game is technically already out, but with Deep Water as a partner it will receive a much wider release.

You and your friends are in a manufacturing arms race. Your goal: to build the most factories in the shortest amount of time (a little under one hour is the standard game length). Combine factories, manipulate and allocate your dice, and become the dominant factory king of your den or kitchen.

Fantastic Factories is light gateway strategy game that’s easy to learn and plays in under 1 hour! It combines engine building and dice placement in a manufacturing arms race! It’s already received a ton of great press including The Dice Tower Seal of Excellence among other awards!

  • Approachable gateway game with simple iconography
  • Easy to learn, 5 minutes to teach.
  • High replay value with 40+ unique cards
  • Lots of strategic depth under 1 hr/game
  • Solo mode or up to 5 players
  • Thick, chunky double layered player boards for placing dice into
  • Received The Dice Tower Seal of Excellence and LUCI Award

In the Fantastic Factories box you get 96 cards, 28 dice, 169 chipboard tokens, one wooden first player market, five double-layered player boards, a rulebook,, and plastic insert.

Look for Fantastic Factories to begin appearing on tabletop gaming shelves January 2020. Like we said, it IS technically out right now, so you don’t have to wait — you can buy a copy directly from Deep Water through their website.

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