Got something you need to settle between you and your friends? Have a RAWR-OFF! In this simple new party game, you use quick reflexes and catch power-ups to overpower your opponents. It’s now available for Nintendo Switch.

You’ve got plenty of characters to choose from in Rawr-Off, including Sushi-senpai, Cosmic Dog Unicorn, Spaghetti Monster, Baby Cthulhu, Schrodinger’s Cat, Zombie Laika, Paynstation and others….none of them look normal. Pick which one of them speaks to your soul, then go to war.

Mash the buttons quickly to acquire ammo as soon as it appears on the board. You’ve got powers at your disposal at various times, including an unfair freeze power that makes your opponent unable to move, but developer No Gravity Games suggests going beyond that. “Don’t be afraid of covering the screen with your hand or escaping with a console – rules are made to be broken!”

  • Play with your friends and family battling them with your wits and muscles.
  • Establish dominance with the handheld mode – perfect for Nintendo Switch Lite.
  • Swing and sway up to four joy-con in TV mode.
  • Feel the power of vibration with the HD Rumble feature.
  • Practice your skills playing against AI in the solo mode.

Rawr-Off is now available on the Switch eShop for a pretty nice price: $2.99.

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