Dark Crystal Games released the Early Access version of their sci-fi space RPG Encased last September. They’ve been building up the game since then, working toward a full release, and this month they take a giant leap forward with the second big Encased content update.

Encased is a modern single player isometric role-playing game inspired by similar games popular on the PC in the late 90s and early 2000s. You are part of a research team, exploring the ruins of a lost civilization. You’ll make a lot of fascinating discoveries on your journey, as well as quite a few dangerous ones.

The new update will add the following material:

  • Redesigned locations
  • New monsters
  • New random encounters
  • New items and weapons
  • Improved variability
  • Reworked combat system
  • New abilities and skills
  • Mines and grenades
  • New companion
  • and a lot more smaller changes and fixes.

The new companion, the Fox, is a female Raider with a split personality. She won’t help out anyone who can’t beat her first in combat, though. Best the Fox in the arena and she’ll join your party.

Encased now also has a day and night cycle. This shakes up the exploratory gameplay quite a bit…there are some events and quests that only take place during the day or night. It’ll also be far more dangerous to explore the Wastelands or the Slums after the sun sets…

And that’s not all…there’s a lot more to come! Look forward to future content updates as Dark Crystal Games’ Encased approaches its completion date of late 2020.


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