Nvizzio Creations has announced their latest title, Eden Rising, has left Steam Early Access (after a testing period of one year) and is now a full-fledged product on Steam. The game combines tower defense, open world, third-person action and multiplayer into one experience.

You are an armored soldier called a Warden, tasked with defending human strongholds called Crucibles from hostile alien creatures. The Crucibles serve as your base, and they’re where you can upgrade your weapons with the materials you find, as well as make your characters more powerful.

Here is the coolest thing about Eden Rising: it costs nothing to try, and we’re not talking about a demo, nor a timed trial with an expiration date. The “Explorer Edition” is free to download and is capable of multiplayer gameplay with those who own the paid version. But there HAS to be a catch, so you are limited to exploring just three locations. The rest will open up when you buy the full version, or the “Ascendant Edition” for $24.99.

If you paid for the Early Access version, you might wonder which of these two versions you’ll wind up with. Don’t worry, Nvizzio plays fair…you’ll be upgraded to Ascendant. Eden Rising is available now on Steam, whichever version you prefer.