Now that E3 is over, we’re going to be re-capping the glut of information about the key titles that were on show, just in case you missed anything in among the madness. This out our post E3 wrap up covering absolutely everything Rainbow Six Siege.


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Everything Rainbow Six Siege

The Basics

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal | Published by Ubisoft| Genre First-Person Tactical Shooter | Release Date 2015 | Platforms PS4, XBox One, PC

What We Learnt At E3

  • Players will form a squad of a Counter Terrorist Unit – trained to operated in tight environments and experts in close quarter combat, demolition and coordinated assaults.
  • Technology will be available in Rainbow Six Siege such as drones with cameras.
  • The environments in Rainbow Six Siege use procedural destruction technology to allow for tactical on-the-fly destruction.
  • Rainbow Six Siege borrows from older Rainbow Six games in pre-operation planning stages; choosing where to enter the level for example.
  • Teamwork and competitive multiplayer are both a key focus in Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Enemy plan involves turning the environment into a stronghold; using traps, fortifying an area and creating defensive systems.
  • There is a rappel system in place for traversing exterior walls.
  • Walls, ceilings and floors can all be destroyed to take out enemies and create new entry and exit points in a level.
  • “Tactics. Teamwork. Tension” are the three main tenets of the game.
  • Rainbow Six Siege will have playable female characters.



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