Now that E3 is over, we’re going to be re-capping the glut of information about the key titles that were on show, just in case you missed anything in among the madness. This out our post E3 wrap up covering absolutely everything Destiny.


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Everything Destiny

The Basics

Developed by Bungie | Published by Activision | Genre Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter | Release Date September 9th | Platforms PS4, PS3, XBox One, XBox 360

Alpha Review & Destiny Gameplay Footage

Click here to check out our in-depth review of the PS4 Destiny Alpha and see an hours’ worth of gameplay footage.

What We Learnt At E3

  • Available after E3 was a PS4 exclusive Alpha build demo of Destiny – it’s still open now for “experiments”.
  • Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan believes Destiny will be this years biggest PS4 system seller.
  • The Beta for anyone who has pre-ordered Destiny will open on July 17th, will be PS4 exclusive and will contain different content to the Alpha.
  • Sony announced a Glacier White PS4 bundle to launch alongside Destiny containing the Glacier White console, controller, a copy of the game and a 30 day PS+ subscription.
  • On the XBox One, Destiny has dropped Kinect support to make use of the consoles extra power.
  • The game modes will be Story missions, multiplayer Strikes, Exploration missions, 6 player Raids and competitive multiplayer.
  • Last generation (PS3 & XBox 360) versions of Destiny will contain the same amount of content as next generation (PS4 & XBox One) versions.
  • Bungie staff watched players during the Alpha to take notes and improve the game.
  • Destiny will not have local co-operative play; it will be online only.
  • Destiny for PC is still in discussion at Bungie – they haven’t completely ruled it out for the future.
  • The PlayStation exclusive content will be extra missions, an extra multiplayer map, weapons, and ships to fly in Destiny.



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