The highlight of Bethesda’s E3 conference came toward the end, when a big chunk of gameplay from Doom Eternal was unveiled, as well as a release date and everything else a demon hunter might want to know.

We’re used to dealing with monsters emerging from hell portals on space stations…but this time they’ve invaded Earth! Subsantially more bullets and much louder explosives will be needed to send them back. The locations will be more diverse this go-round, taking you all over the world. The dev team even mentioned “heaven” as a possible location.

The battle mode, now called Doom Eternal, pits one Demon Slayer against two demons. Is two against one fair? The DS will be fully stocked and when you’ve got this much firepower, it’s more like it’s unbalanced on the other end. The demons will have special abilities they can use to stand a fighting chance.

Then there is the Collector’s Edition, now available for preorder. For 200 bucks you get a Doom lore book, a lithograph, a Steelbook case, and exclusive cosmetic DLC content….but the piece de resistance, and the likely reason it costs 200 smackers, is the Doom Guy Helmet included in the box. It isn’t purely a decorative item, it’s sized for your head and it really fits.

The best news about Doom Eternal is that it’ll be out for everything. The game will be released November 22 for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One, PC, and even Google Stadia.

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