With the release date of the newest Call of Duty title is still six months away on Nov. 4; Activision has just released the first official trailer for Advanced Warfare, the latest iteration into the Call of Duty franchise.

You can see it here:

The trailer, showing footage about three minutes long, features clips from the Xbox One version of the game. Longtime fans will notice a significant shift in settings and themes as unlike previous titles in the franchise the new game will be set in a futuristic setting and seems to carry visuals and themes comparable to the Crysis series.


The new Advanced Warfare trailer hints toward several new features including the use of hover bike transportation, active camouflage, and mini-gun touting power armored marines.

Additionally several new gadgets and drones were put on display including the use of some kind of fabric that can be deployed as cover against enemy fire, several flying gun drones and an apparent ability for the player to vertically scale certain walls in the game using some kind of glove technology.


But perhaps the most interesting addition to the new title was the focus on Kevin Spacey of “House of Cards” fame who appears to have a big role to play in the plot of the new game. Spacey’s visage is replicated into the game’s engine and serves as the narrator of the trailer, spouting vaguely imperialistic language over a holographic representation of a city below.

With E3 will on its way more details are sure to surface about the game in the coming months. For more information on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, visit the official Call of Duty website.

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