Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment today announced that Batman Arkham Knight has been delayed, as well as providing new details for the forthcoming game. Arkham Knight was originally slated for a late 2014 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC and when the first official gameplay trailer was released less than 2 weeks ago that was still the case, but in a press release from Warner Bros and DC Ent today, the release date is now slated as a vague 2015 release.

It’s certainly dealt another blow for next generation games as another high profile game release misses the 2014 holiday release window following The Division & Dying Light as well as following up high profile delays for the now released Watch Dogs and the forthcoming PS4 exclusive Drive Club. To soften the blow however, Warner Bros and DC have provided a new trailer revealing a new game mode for Batman: Arkham Knight called “Batmobile Battle Mode”, which can be seen below.

“Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment are unveiling the first footage of the highly anticipated Batmobile from Rocksteady Studios’  Batman ™: Arkham Knight as it transitions into Battle Mode.” reads todays’ press release, continuing “The teaser highlights the Batmobile’s versatility as it morphs into a full combat ready machine.”

We’ll keep you updated on the latest for Batman: Arkham Knight as we know more, but for now there are also 4 new official screenshots provided with the press release, which can also be seen below – clicking on each one will show the high resolution image.

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