Every month Hulu has given us a new teaser for the Veronica Mars miniseries. This marks #3, if you’re counting.

We’re getting a clearer picture of the circumstances in this new season. We originally assumed Veronica had taken over the detective business from her father, but this new video shows he’s still around and she’s still technically his assistant. We also hope Patton Oswalt gets to play more than just a pizza delivery guy.

The best thing about this new peek is that we get to see a LOT more of JK Simmons in his role as the unscrupulous Clyde — an ex-con that Dick just happens to be acquainted with by no surprise. Is he behind the rash of bombings targeting Neptune’s Spring Breakers? That would be too obvious….it”s always the shy guy no one looks at, or the maid in the background….scan the trailer for maids.

Creator Rob Thomas told a crowd at the recent ATX Television Festival that he had originally written the scripts for this new season assuming Hulu would allow him a little more leeway regarding vocal content. “The first word of the script was Veronica saying ‘f***”, Thomas said. “I had to rewrite that.” He put in a scene early in the season where Veronica and her dad make a bet as to who can go the longest without cursing, then inserted obvious substitutes every time a “f***” occurred in the script.

The new season of Veronica Mars doesn’t premiere on Hulu until July 26, so don’t be shocked if we wind up discussing the Fourth Teaser between then and now.

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