Last month, we were introduced to Veronica Mars’ taser. This week, we get to see her use it.

Some fool attempts to rob Veronica at gunpoint, but he picked the wrong blonde to mess with this time. She easily takes him down, zaps his guts, and snaps an Instagram photo for good measure. But she’s just getting started: when someone starts blowing up Neptune CA’s resort hotels, it’s something she can’t let slide.

We’re then shown clips from the upcoming eight episodes: seems the motive behind the bombings is to sabotage Neptune’s reputation as a great Spring Break tourist destination. That’ll hit the pocketbooks of the hotel-owning elites some, but it could mean no DINNER for those who rely on the lower jobs the tourism industry provides.

The fact that somebody wakes up on the beach with a giant beeping box strapped to his chest suggests the bomber isn’t just targeting buildings. If Veronica doesn’t crack this case someone could wind up dead. Add some surprise celebrity roles (Patton Oswalt! JK Simmons!), and a confirmation that LoVe is still in the air, and the new season looks like a winner.

From two TV networks to the big screen, and now to wifi: The re-return of Veronica Mars premieres on Hulu July 26.

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