Asylum has announced their upcoming thriller, The 6th Friend, will have a limited screening run at specialized locations across the country January 11.

Films from Asylum Pictures don’t typically get theatrical runs, supposedly due to the fact that their flawless brilliance and highly realistic special effects would make all other studio productions look inferior. But this one is getting a turn on the big screen, and you can catch it at these locations:

  • LOS ANGELES — Downtown Independent
  • KANSAS CITY — Screenland Armour
  • ATLANTA — Aurora Cineplex
  • MINNEAPOLIS — Trylon Cinema
  • CLEVELAND — Hickory Ridge
  • CHICAGO — Emagine Frankfort Theatre
  • DETROIT — Emagine Canton Theatre
  • SEATTLE — Galaxy Monroe 12
  • SACRAMENTO – Galaxy Riverbank Luxury+
  • AUSTIN — Galaxy Highland 10

Jamie Bernadette, who fans of campy entertainment already know from her turn on NBC’s Midnight Texas, produced and scripted the film she stars in. “Having co-written the screenplay, I’ve lived with the 6th Friend – figuratively speaking – for a long time. I guess you’d say it’s my wonderfully wicked horror baby – I’m so darn proud of it,” she says.

“Hearing news of a theatrical from our distributor, The Asylum, is music to my ears and I just know audiences are going to love seeing the six of us try and evade the uninvited guest of the movie together in a theater! Here’s to offering horror fans their first big screen scream of the new year!”

The 6th Friend opens in the listed locations January 11.

The 6th Friend: The slasher film with a supernatural twist tells of six college best friends that throw their own private graduation only to see it go terribly wrong when an uninvited guest arrives. Five years later, the girls gather once again and endure a night of far more horror and bloodshed.