Gun And Gun Draws A Strong Crowdfunding Campaign

Cincinnati-based Lion Wing Publishing has launched the Kickstarter campaign to bring over the Japanese card battling game Gun and Gun. It was created by the Japanese design studio Keepdry, famous for the Core Connection series.

Choose your character, then literally draw your weapons. Pick two of nine available guns and wield one for each arm. You get a series of cards related to the guns in your holsters and one of three skill cards. Then….fire! You will have two options at your disposal during every match, and you’ll have to choose the right weapon for the right scenario. Your Skill Cards will also help by blocking the opponent’s attack or boosting your own.

  • A unique battle card game brought to you straight from Japan!
  • Draw from two decks to blast your opponent into submission!
  • The ability to play casually with pre-built decks or competitively with deck construction!
  • Quick-playing and action-packed matches that can end just as quickly as they began!
  • The only authentic anime-themed expandable card game on the Western market.
  • An evocative cyberpunk post-apocalyptic aesthetic punctuated by vibrant Japanese art from the talented illustrators at Keepdry!

The Gun and Gun Kickstarter reached its goal in just seven hours. A $30 pledge gets you a copy of the Core Set and its first expansion, Overheat, plus all unlocked stretch goals. $90 expands the set to include a storage box, a playmat, an extra gun and foil cards.

This campaign will be open for just eight more days….it closes on October 22. If you want a copy, be quick with the trigger finger!