If you missed out on the Super Bowl this year….I’m envious of you. It was a complete four-hour slog that none of us who witnessed can un-watch. But at least we learned Bud Light uses no corn syrup. That was certainly a thing we learned.

Movie trailers are increasingly becoming the Big Game’s main attraction, but they are also posted online the second after they appear. Here are some new bits from highly anticipated films…

….And of them, nothing was more anticipated than Avengers: Endgame. The apocalyptic state of Earth post-snap is made more blunt here than in the first trailer. The core Avengers (and Rocket Raccoon; you can just make him out in the background of one of the shots) managed to beat the odds, but they’ve all suffered loss and they’re looking for a way out. We know they find one, as Spider-Man is guaranteed to get his own sequel…but how?

We’ve seen a lot more of Captain Marvel…multiple trailers already exist showing off the funny bits, the dramatic bits….what other angle is there? The Super Bowl spot went for action, displaying Carol Danvers rocketing high above the sky — sometimes in a SHIELD plane, sometimes via her own alien propulsion. This film comes out March 8, a little over a month from now.

Disney promised our first peek at Toy Story 4 during the Game; it did not appear then. And the clip we got (eventually, online) doesn’t really hint at the larger plot, but it’s amusing: Key and Peele’s stuffed carnival toys do not appreciate the distracting presence of Buzz Lightyear and make their feelings clear to him.

If Alita: Battle Angel fails, it won’t be due to lack of promotion. Every single show I’ve watched in prime-time and late night over the last two weeks has contained at least one ad for this movie, sometimes two. It was even in the Super Bowl; they REALLY want you to know this was from the producers of Avatar. Cameron’s involvement is being played up — a producer has a different job from a director. I remain skeptical this can succeed when so many other movies like it have failed, and those DIDN’T have big fat distracting eyeballs on its main character.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw! Two characters from the beloved car-carnage franchise get a movie all to themselves. Next up: Letty’s Adventures In Pittsburgh!

The Super Bowl, which can only go light-PG at the most, couldn’t show very much of this — we got a LOT more from the Olay commercial — but it’s based on that great picture book you had a kid and thought you’d get in trouble for reading, due to its frightening and edgy artwork. The art has since been toned down. Hopefully the flick will stick with the original feel.

Finally, here’s a trailer for a C-class animated movie…you know the breed, one with wisecracking talking animals and butt jokes aplenty. Like the others, this one will be forgotten as soon as it premieres. Especially since it launches so close to Captain Marvel.