Did you all see Captain Marvel this weekend? Wouldn’t it have been neat to get a new Avengers 4 trailer before it? For whatever reason, the latest preview of Avengers Endgame did not show up there. Instead it appeared on YouTube six days later.

But if you did see Captain Marvel, you also know how overpowered Carol Danvers is. No cinematic Marvel superhero has been able to [SPOILER REDACTED] with her bare hands before. The number of Avengers may have thinned a bit, but CM has the strength of ten Groots, plus two. She appears at the end here, and Thor seems pleased.

Given that we have a little over a month before Avengers Endgame actually hits theaters, this could very well be the final trailer, and if so, Marvel is REALLY keeping the events a secret. Notice how half of this trailer is composed of shots from previous movies, run through a grainy black-and-white filter. What do we really know about Avengers Endgame based on all the previews we’ve received? We know they stand around and say they’re depressed about all their friends being dead.

We also know they “stand together” and march in a specific direction to “fight”….something, but whatever that is we just can’t guess, because Thanos already succeeded. Bashing his face in wouldn’t resolve anything, though it might be cathartic. There’s only one way to find out what’s really going on: buy a ticket next month. Or wait a few hours after that for spoilers to drift onto the Internet.

Avengers Endgame suits up for one last battle April 26.