Despite its iconic popularity as one of Stephen King’s most well-known novels, It has never been made into a movie. This is because it was made into a TV miniseries instead, and the miniseries proved popular enough, leading to a rash of subpar King sweeps events like “The Langoliers.”

Though a lot of people love Tim Curry’s campy performance as Pennywise the Clown, there’s potential in a more menacing take that has yet to be realized. It is one instance where a remake could work, if it was done right. Now it’s happening, and here’s the first full trailer:

Observations: We’re still getting some of the most well-known symbols of Pennywise’s presence like red balloons — and a kid in a yellow raincoat talking to a sharp-toothed clown in a sewer. We don’t get to hear Pennywise ramble about things “floating” in this trailer, but the kid (“Georgie”) sure does. Instead of the “bwammmmmp” noise we’ve grown accustomed to hearing, it’s a clip of an insane Georgie screeching “YOU’LL FLOAT TOO” over and over with increased distortion. It’s effective…the jump scares less so.

We still don’t have enough information to determine if this is an improvement over the TV version or if it’s another weak jump-scare-heavy dud. We’ll see, I suppose. It creeps into theaters September 8.


  1. I never watched the TV show or the original book but I can't wait for this film. It's weird that I'm looking forward to this film because I'm not a huge fan of horror films or clowns, to be honest, so this should technically be a huge no for me but I'm definitely going to watch the film when it comes out. Penny looks a lot scarier now as well, the clown just looked childish and almost funny in the original TV show. The trailers have looked amazing so far so hopefully the film will be amazing too although these modern horrors tend to only have a few jump scares here and there.

  2. I have seen the trailer and I can tell you the direction seems to be good. I guess they may have to work on some of the CGI bits. But overall the whole concept looks good. I expected something like this based on stephen king's novel. It's just that the execution of this concept needs to be proper. But based on what I have seen so far with movie trailer. I guess it's definitely good direction.

  3. I am not a fan of scary movies and even scarier with clowns or dummies. This time he looks scarier and the trailer actually scared me so I guess this movie will turn out to be a good one, there is something about scary movies that make me not want to stay away even if I am terrified.

  4. Since I personally loved the whole creepy-clowns-across-America incidents, I know I'm going to love this movie (either if the incidents are related to the movie or not). This is one of the few books by Stephen King I haven't read. I'll make sure to make time to read it before the movie's released.

  5. Stephen King is beyond phenomenal. His genius style of writing never ceases to thrill and amaze me. I did read the book and watch the first version of the film. The book was much better. I feel that the newer version will correct the flaws of the first and enhance its greatness. Can't wait to see it!

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