Ship of Heroes is an upcoming MMO that resembles City of Heroes, except it takes place on a ship. You ride the ship to various locales, beat up the bad guys in every city, and then travel to the next one. Ship of Heroes has been conducting alpha and beta tests since 2017, and their most important test to date has been taking place over  the last few days: the Character Creator Beta. This Beta is accessible to anybody who donated at least $50 to the project before October 15.

The Betais now four days old, but already the SoH crew has accomplished a lot. Testers were quick to point out a few bugs and graphical errors, which the crew has sealed up and poofed away in record time. Here are their latest notes, released last night:

1. – We pushed another build today with one major change — we adjusted
the lighting to get rid of the unexpected dark shadows on characters in
the city. There were also a series of other fixes built in.
2. – Modified certain powers per the comments and suggestions fomr the
community. The emergency teleport power now works while a player is
moving. Torch particles now have dynamic lighting again and have had
their particle count increased by 30% A couple of dev powers have been
3. – Female characters now have their own Ambient Occlusion textures.
4. – Tweaked ambient occlusion in Apotheosis City.
5. – Fixed an issue which was causing dark shadow splotches in shadows.
6. – Indoor shadows are now softer.
7. -Fixed the primary and secondary colors on the male causal shirt. The
armor and clothing colors are now consistent on the regular male, so
pants match the armor above more closely, as requested.
8. Identified the problem on the foot slider. A fix is in the works, but
has not yet been implemented.
9. – A variety of environmental fixes were added per the requests of the
– Fixed flickering texture on platform just outside beta club entrance
– Fixed a hole in the rock wall around arch
– Revamped ground around warehouse district docks
– Removed invisible walls around arch
– Added collision to small building by opera house
10. – We conducted the first official Costume Contest, inside the
beautiful lobby of the Apotheosis City Hospital. We selected six winners
(picture from the CC is below).
11. – We processed mutliple contact forms, added more than a dozen new
participants to the CCT Beta, and resolved every problem that we are
aware of. Once again, as I write these words, we have no backlog of
unresolved contact forms.
Following the character creation beta test will be the combat beta test, and if all goes smoothly, the official launch for Ship of Heroes will happen in 2020.