Ian Jones-Quartey won’t tell anyone if the current season of OK KO is its last or not, but even if the end is approaching, the man sure knows how to pull an attention-grabbing, crowd-pleasing stunt. Last year’s Crossover Nexus reunited every single character in Cartoon Network history into one 11-minute short, and this time the show came to SDCC with an even bigger surprise.

Rad and Enid are lounging around the bodega, as usual, while KO yells at them that they have to be alert because “you never know when a legendary hero might show up.” And then SONIC THE (BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP)ING HEDGEHOG bounces through the door, I kid you not! And Tails is with him! We get this incredible episode August 4.

Cartoon Network released trailers today for events happening in their other shows, although nothing this year is more interesting than what just happened THERE. First off, we DO get a look at this mysterious “Fungies” show pegged for 2020: They didn’t seem so creepy anymore after I saw them in motion….until I discovered they can REMOVE THEIR EYEBALLS.

It won’t be long until the return of Apple and Onion, a show that was given just ten episodes for its first season. Thankfully, it will have a lot more in its second. Meet their new friends!

Mao Mao only just got started, but here’s something that should be interesting to con-goers: for the first time ever, the show hints at Mao Mao’s origins. Turns out he comes from a family of legendary warrior cats who were each granted their own special weapons by their father.

Summer Camp Island is in the middle of its second-season run. This is a sneak preview of the next episode to air.


Finally, here’s the world’s first look at Tig ‘n Seek, another 2020 CN show. Tiggy is a talkative boy who can’t seem to stay out of danger; his silent cat Tigseek must come up with quick and genius solutions to keep him alive.

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