It’s been rumored for a long time — Fox’s reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer — but we’ve never heard anything about the project actually going forward. That’s because, until now, none of the Buffy re-Buffs have had the blessing of creator Joss Whedon, and have thus died on the vine. Until now.

This could be the Chosen One, folks….this could be the Slayer. Whedon himself took to the stage at Comic-Con today and said HE was working on a new Buffy series. It will be a new continuity with a new cast.

“Based on recent remake trends, I’m guessing the character is going to be exactly the same only black,” you might say. And um….yeah, that’s what Joss confirmed. He also said he was hiring on Monica Owusu-Breen as showrunner, who is a seasoned veteran of this kind of show — she wrote for Agents of SHIELD and Charmed, and was a major player behind NBC’s Midnight Texas, though we doubt she puts that last part on her resume.

Produced by Fox 21 Studios, it’s currently up in the air where the new Buffy series lands. Whedon says he is currently shopping the show around to all existing outlets — networks, cable and streaming. Best-case scenario, it winds up somewhere where he has creative freedom. Worst-case, Fox starts their own streaming service and shackles the new Buffy to it, ordering customers to pay $8.99 or more just to see it. Hope for the best!