Earlier this week Take Two, publisher for the Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands series’ and other games under the Rockstar and 2K Games labels, announced their Quarter 4 2013 financial reports. The reports provided confirmation that GTA V has now shipped a colossal 33 million copies and reached more than $1 billion in sales as well as impressive sales figures for Borderlands 2 and Bioshock Infinite, shipping 9 million and 6 million units respectively.

Take Two also confirmed its release slate for the current fiscal year which was mostly comprised of announced and expected games, although there was one rather large surprise involved – Rockstar Games, developers of the GTA series, will be releasing an as yet unannounced game on next-gen systems (PS4 and Xbox One) before the fiscal year is over.

Several possibilities have cropped up, including repeated information regarding a GTA V port to the new generation of consoles, although it’s hard to image a new version of the game being released while the PS3 and Xbox 360 sales  are still performing well.

Other possible options would be a sequel to the highly rated 2010 game Red Dead Redemption – again, rumors have leaked suggesting the game is actively under development with the title Red Dead Rebellion being mentioned more than once. Given that the game will be Rockstar’s first release on the new gen consoles, it seems fairly likely they would build upon the current fan base of their Red Dead IP rather than release something new entirely.

GTA V's Agent Easter egg - a hint at their next-gen game?
GTA V’s Agent Easter egg – a hint at their next-gen game?

Never a company to play by the rules though, Rockstar could equally surprise everyone by finally revealing the 70s spy game Agent as the new release. Agent was originally announced way back at e3 in 2009, nearly five years ago and there’s been very little of the game mentioned since. However Rockstar are a company who like to tease fans with in-game Easter eggs and their most recent release, GTA V, included a high powered and weaponised car during one main story mission with the cars license plate reading 4G3NT. The financial report does state the mystery next-gen game is unannounced and although information is thing on the ground, Agent has technically been announced.

Whichever game it is that the report refers to, it seems that neither Rockstar or Take Two are ready to comment yet and Rockstar have a history of not attending e3, making a reveal or announcement there highly unlikely. Whatever the next game is, Rockstar will tease fans and let us know when they feel comfortable, until then everything else is simply speculation or calculated guesswork.

We’ll have more on the game as details become available to share, but until then let us know in the comments what you think the mystery game will be.


  1. Hmm. 2015 has already passed, and we are actually in 2017 now. I haven't been updated with the latest video games because my PC is an old model, so at the most it can only play GTA San Andreas. So I'm pretty sure their latest games won't be compatible with my PC as usual.