Publisher Green Man Gaming and London based development studio Red Ego Games have just announced Re:Turn – One Way Trip, a 2D adventure horror puzzle game coming to consoles and PC this fall.

Saki and her friends have just graduated from college, and figure a camping trip would be just the way to unwind from the grind of schoolwork. But their vacation just barely gets started when weird events start going down in the woods and people begin disappearing. At the beginning of the game, Saki wakes up alone to find the campsite deserted and, upon further inspection, an abandoned train just sitting there silently not far away.

Should Saki go in there? Common sense would say no, but game logic says yes. Find your friends, solve puzzles and — most importantly — RUN from otherworldly terrors!

* Explore an intricate horror story that seamlessly shifts players between the past and present
* Take control of 2 playable characters with totally different perspectives
* Admire the stunning pixel art whilst navigating the 2D side-scrolling environments
* Experience an original soundtrack that consistently builds tension
* Be immersed with the minimalist interface so focus never wavers from the action
* Solve grim and challenging puzzles to unearth deadly secrets

Re:Turn – One Way Trip arrives on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC via Steam this September.