Developer Bungie today confirmed via Twitter that the PS4 Destiny Alpha has been extended, warning players can continue playing past the official end of the Alpha “at your own risk”. The Activision published game is one of the highest profile and most-anticipated releases of the year. It was announced at E3 that the Alpha would be live and exclusive for the PlayStation 4 this weekend, but it looks like PS4 gamers will get to test it out a little longer. This is the announcement tweet;

Quite what this entails hasn’t be entirely clarified. A further tweet after the one above confirmed that Destiny will now be running in “Expert Mode”, which we assume is a higher level of  difficulty, although there could still be further additions or changes to come. The second tweet confirms that these tests are “for the beta”;

We’ve not come across anything too different so far in Destiny‘s Alpha, so if you come across anything let us know in the comments. We’ll have a review and thoughts from our time with Destiny shortly, as well as in game footage.