If you’re looking for things to do while stuck at home, a board game about stacking cats sounds like as good an activity as any. Renegade Game Studios is about to release their papercraft game Cat Tower, and preorders opened today.

Gameplay is pretty simple. You and your friends (two to six players) are each given a pile of stackable cats. You each roll the dice and take turns stacking the cats on top of each other in the center tower. If any of the cats fall, you have to take them back and try again. The first player to successfully get rid of all their cats is the winner.

What’s that, you say….you need a reason to do this? Why do you need a reason to stack cats? It’s because they’re there, that’s why. But if it’s a motive you truly want, Renegade actually wrote a backstory for the game…

“Meow! It looks so delicious!” Fatty Catty stares, drooling at the dried fish hung high on the shelf. It’s not just Fatty Catty, but all of the cats are attracted to it, wondering how to reach the yummy fish far beyond their leap. Maybe if they stand on each other’s backs they can grab the fish. Let’s help them make a Cat Tower!

Happy with that?

Cat Tower will be out soon….a specific release date has not been revealed. Preorder your copy at this link.