Dark Star Pictures is preparing the sci-fi rom-com Same Boat for digital release next month. It’s a timeless story….boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy now has problem because he’s a time-traveler from the future sent to kill girl.

That’s the dilemma faced by James, an assassin from the 28th century who is routinely sent targets through time to kill as part of his job. His latest assignment is someone on a cruise ship in the year 2018, but due to a snafu they’re slow on getting the full information to him, so while he’s stuck there he kills time by chatting up a lovely lady. Even if we hadn’t told you the twist, you probably could have guessed it.

Same Boat stars Chris Roberti, Tony Glanz and David Bly, and was written by Roberti, Josh Itzkowitz and Mark Leidner. Also, Same Boat was shot on an actual cruise ship, but in an underground manner without the crew’s permission, so….don’t tell them about this.

Same Boat will premiere April 7 on digital from Dark Star Pictures.

James is a time travelling assassin from the 28th century sent to 2018 to kill a woman, but when his intern gets sick and he loses his paperwork he has some time to kill, so to speak, while enjoying the cruise he accidentally falls in love with the woman he’s supposed to kill. Same Boat is a film about duty, love, friendship, and how kindness is more powerful than destruction.

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