For three years now, indie game developer Julian Creutz has been toiling on his big project…a procedurally generated top-down action RPG called MYSTIQA. The game is nearly done, except for one final step….the Kickstarter to get it polished.

If you know Zelda, if you know Dragon Quest, if you know all the great RPG adventures of the 8-bit age, then you know what MYSTIQA is going for…with the twist of the environments being totally different each time you play. In recent years, “item randomizers” have spiced up older games…here’s what we’d call an “EVERYTHING randomizer.” Also, as a stylistic choice, the pixels are twice as large as Zelda’s.

Creutz is asking for a mere $4000. This expense roughly equals the cost of a Nintendo Switch development kit and the price to request the services of Dale North (Wizard of Legend, Sparklite) on the soundtrack. This would be fine on its own, but MYSTIQA has one tantalizing stretch goal: a title theme created by Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana) at $10,000.

  • Local co-op for up to 4 players total and hireable AI-controlled adventurers
  • Procedural generation of the world, secrets, dungeon, towns and items
  • Skill-based action-focused combat system featuring a variety of melee and ranged weapons
  • A mighty magic system of multiple elements to master
  • A hybrid class system so you can mix and match your class however you want
  • Multiple ways to beat the game
  • New Game + changing the game on not just a numeric level

Whether the Kickstarter succeeds or not, MYSTIQA will at least see finished release on PC this fall. But if you want it on Switch, you know what to do.

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