In any medium, there are tales and mysteries that boggle the mind. Many are false, but there are a few that true that make you wonder how it ever could have happened.

For video games, this is no different. There are tales and legends that have come from numerous generations of consoles and handhelds, but the oldest may just be the Polybius, Polybius (allegedly) was a arcade game that was in Portland, Oregon for a short time before mysteriously vanishing without a trace. It was “disappeared” with such vigor, that many don’t believe it exists, or ever existed, at all.

One group though is determined to not only find proof the Polybius exists, but show their proved to the world. Thus, they’ve started a Kickstarter to raise money for a short film that will: “dive into the chronology, testimonials, and psychology of the legend; an intersection where urban mythology and dark secrets meet the arcade scene.”

The people behind the project are actually all former employees of the Sundance Film Festival, thus why they’ll make this a short film. The reason they’re going the Kickstarter route is because they recently lost a financial back, and want to finish what they started.

To hear more, including the dark mystery surrounding the Polybius Conspiracy, you can check out their Kickstarter here.