Add a little interactivity to your tabletop RPG adventuring with Mythroll Armory’s Perplexing Puzzle Experience, now currently in the middle of its crowdfunding campaign. The RPG combines traditional dungeon-crawing gameplay with physical puzzle items that have to be solved to reach victory.

The game contains a ten-page narrative and instruction booklet, an expansion booklet with another setting, five custom oversized Mythroll Armory treasure dice, a nine-inch block puzzle terrain by Inkarnate, 22-inch maps of the Phelaneau and Krrag Farrlun regions (by the same artist), and four puzzles: the 3-piece Krrag Farrlun map puzzle, the 2 Interlocked keys puzzle, the 2-piece Caged Prism puzzle, and the 5-piece cryptographic decoder puzzle. The DM will have the power to create their own puzzles as well.

  • Physical puzzles including a 5-piece custom encoder/decoder
  • A campaign and instruction booklet that lets you customize the puzzles for your own campaigns
  • A custom Syrinscape sound set with cues written into the book
  • An expanding world based on Inkarnate maps that lets you re-use the puzzle, adding to their value

You can secure your copy of Mythroll Armory’s Perplexing Puzzle Experience with a $74 pledge (currently discounted to $57, but the amount of discounted units is almost gone). You’ll receive everything listed above plus a bonus puzzle, all stretch goal content and a custom Syrinscape soundscape.

The Kickstarter for Mythroll Armory’s Perplexing Puzzle Experience has met its goal and will wrap up September 16. The game is expected to ship this November.