Something interesting happened today: Netflix suddenly offered a bunch of content for free. Is there a catch? Not technically, but upon examination, you can definitely see how Netflix plans to benefit from it.

The streamer is offering three movies free of charge: the Sandra Bullock thriller Bird Box, the Oscar-nominated The Two Popes, and one Sandler thing that isn’t Uncut Gems so who cares (Murder Mystery, co-starring Jennifer Aniston).

There’s a larger selection of shows, but only the first episodes of them, followed by a Netflix commercial. The idea is to get you hooked and then ask for a subscription…get the gimmick now?

The shows offered are all over the place. Stranger Things is there, of course, but so are Grace and Frankie, Our Planet, Love Is Blind, When They See Us, Elite, and for some reason, Boss Baby: Back In Business. Boss Baby is also the only children’s program Netflix is offering here…they own plenty that’s of higher quality than that. Throw in a Dragon Prince or She-Ra, come on.

No word on how long this promo will last, but if you’re one of the few that doesn’t already pay for Netflix (or bum off someone else’s account), you can see this stuff subscription-free on this page. They are only available on your browser or on Android devices.