While Nintendo’s Direct was a Smash Fest, there were treats to be had.

The last of the big three companies had their presentation. Nintendo while focusing on Smash Bros in the second half of their Direct which can be found here. However we were given some announcements and details of other games.

A few new games were announced during the Direct. The one that came out of left field was Deamon Machina. All we were shown were giant robots fighting so we can assume that it’ll be a robot fighting game. Another game announced was a new Mario Party game called Super Mario Party. From what the trailer has shown you are able to use multiple Switch tablets for some of the games. Unlike the past few Mario Party games, this one goes back to the competitive turn based style unlike before when all players were in a car and were all together. Super Mario Party comes out October 5th 2018. Fire Emblem Three Houses has been announced and will release in Spring 2019. Finally Octopath Traveler will be released July 13th 2018.

DLC and More

DLC has been announced for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The DLC is named Torna The Golden Country. This DLC will come out in September this year. Let’s Go Pikachu/ Eevee got a mention, more specifically the Pokeball Plus. With each Pokeball Plus, you will get a Mew. Release date for both the games and the ball is November 16th off 2018.

The Switch is also bringing over some popular PC games with Fortnite and Paladins. The smash hit that popularized the Battle Royal genre Fortnite is available now for free. Paladins is a first person MOBA that plays like Overwatch. The Founder’s pack is available for 29.99 USD on Nintendo’s eshop and will have a free to play version coming this summer.

Nintendo’s Switch has embraced indie games and they showcase in their Directs when they can. This is no exception. Overcooked is getting a sequel and will be out August 7th 2018. Killer Queen Black will be coming later this year. Finally Hollow Knight is available now.

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