Iceberg Interactive did what they said they would and revealed multiple new trailers, and in some cases new games, during their Paris Games Week “Iceberg Ahead” livestream. You can watch the full archived stream at the bottom of this post, but we’ve also got the individual trailers for you.

The first thing shown was the brand-new reveal of a pirate-themed battle royale game. In Blazing Sails you create your own pirate ship, band together with other players, and sail the seas for loot. Finding weapons and ship upgrades increases your chances, but the REAL way to win is to blast all other pirate vessels into the water and become king of the seas. Blazing Sails is targeted for a early 2020 release in Early Access form.

Here is the latest trailer for Railroad Corporation, on track for a November release. That’s sooner than anyone thought; when Iceberg last spoke of the game they said May of 2020 could be a possibility. This is the Early Access version, granted, but that was also the version they said we’d see in May. In Railroad Corporation you are an employee of a 19th century railroad company in the Golden Age of Steam. Climb the corporate ladder by choosing the best areas to plant new railroad lines. Build bridges, blast tunnels through mountains, and dominate the tracks.

We don’t have a new trailer for Headsnatchers, but It’s a crazy party game for up to four players…grab your friends’ heads off their bodies and do nasty things with them, like kick them in a football game or flush them down a toilet. But don’t get caught yourself, or the same fate will befall YOUR noggin! There are over 100 heads to choose from, and if none of them speak to you, you can create your own head using the well-named “Headitor.” It releases November 7, but is available now in Early Access.

Still There is also still there, and targeted for November 20. You play as Karl, an astronaut who lives in isolation on his space lighthouse. Each day he gets up and he performs his monotonous duties. Why is he there, why did he take this job, and what’s in his past? You’ll find out as you explore the lighthouse, solve puzzles, and communicate with Gorky, the lighthouse AI. Still There is developed by Ghost Shark Games.

Antigraviator, a high-speed racer in the spirit of F-Zero and Wipeout, has been available for purchase for months, and has additional DLC content. PC and PS4 users have been able to enjoy it, but it’s also coming to XBox One.

And believe it or not…those are less than half of the games! The entire presentation was over 20 minutes long and Iceberg showed off quite a lot. Check out the first episode of Iceberg Ahead below.