Lords Mobile is a mobile-exclusive MMO produced by IGG and popular mainly in Eastern nations — popular enough to host a major eSports tournament involving teams from China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Dubbed “Final Clash,” the tournament was held April 22 with a cash prize worth $30,000 in contention. Google Play, Huawei Honor, Logitech and other major companies sponsored the event, and it was livestreamed around the world in eight languages.

What makes the game so attractive, especially in the competitive Asian gaming scene? Strategy games don’t usually get eSports tournaments, due to their careful, more cerebral gameplay not translating very well to an audience hungry for fast-paced competition. IGG believes the secret lies in Lords Mobile’s flashy design.

“Strategy game eSports presents unique challenges when it comes to presentation. In addition, the high requirement of visual animation attractiveness makes some MMO Strategy game even harder to present as a watchable battle event,” says a rep from the company. “Thankfully, we have created a way to present the game that fans love to watch and are continuing to find ways to innovate in this space. IGG wants to invest in mobile eSports and continue to curate an amazing eSports scene.”

There is an English version of Lords Mobile available, which has been around for two years now. Download it on Google Play or the App Store and perhaps you can achieve competitive gaming stardom someday.