Normally when we report on video game music cover albums, they’ve just been released. Time’s End, an album based on the Majora’s Mask soundtrack, was put out several years ago. But it’s never had a physical release, until now.

The album did well enough to fund a sequel, Time’s End II…both were created by sound designer THEOPHANY, who has provided the soundtrack to actual video games like Night School Studio’s Oxenfree and short films like Ember Lab’s sci-fi short Dust.

Now both Time’s End and Time’s End II are about to published physically. You can choose from either CDs or vinyl LPs….both formats come with the same artwork plus a special booklet.

“I’m thrilled to offer a physical release for these albums, especially since fans have requested them for years,” says THEOPHANY. “Most of the money I receive will be needed to fund the oktavist choir I’m planning for the third album, which will focus on the final arc of Majora’s Mask. Oktavist singers seem pretty rare so the logistics may prove challenging, but it’s an incredibly inspiring sound. Ending the project with an opportunity like this would be amazing.”

Want more Time’s End? Then buy these albums. Sales from the CD and vinyl versions will go to fund Times End III, an album THEOPHANY hopes to complete and release in 2020. The physical existing albums are open for preorder now on Bandcamp.

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