Somehow PT just won’t go away, no matter how badly Konami wants it to. The free demo was released to PS4 owners in 2014 as an advertisement / announcement for Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills. This game never happened due to Konami becoming corrupt and firing Kojima, who then found a home at Sony and just released his first original game in years, Death Stranding.

In an alternate universe, we would have seen what Kojima’s take on Silent Hill would have been….and if PT is anything to go by, it would’ve been great. But sadly, it’s all we will ever have, and thus hackers have been picking apart the code ever since, looking for anything they haven’t seen yet.

One modder named Lance McDonald has become pretty good at this. He was the one who discovered the demo’s antagonist, the ghost Lisa, actually haunts the player throughout the game — her character model is positioned behind his; you just aren’t made aware of her presence until the end. He also found the model for the character you control, and confirmed that Kojima had intended to use Norman Reedus for this game.

But something else had McDonald wondering…the ending cinematic revealed the game’s location as Silent Hill, but was there more to it than that? Turns out the street scene wasn’t a video….Silent Hill is really rendered in the game, and with a little tweak to PT’s code, McDonald gained the ability to explore it.

You can explore it too through the below video. One warning, though…McDonald discovered that anytime the game detects you’re out of bounds or doing something illegal, it sends Lisa after you and ends the game as a safeguard. There IS a jumpscare when McDonald falls prey to this. It’s at 1:40, so you know when to duck.