Shonen Jump characters have appeared in their own video games before, but so many have never crossed over together, and never on such a grand scale. Bandai Namco’s Jump Force aims to be the ultimate brawling game for any fan of the popular long-running manga magazine.

Any character you can think of is in here: Goku, Luffy, Naruto, Yugi, Gon and Hisoka from Hunter Hunter, Deku from My Hero Academia, Seiya and Shiryu from Saint Seiya...and as of today, four newly-revealed characters:

  • Asta, from Black Clover. A brave but stubborn child wielding an unique anti-magic sword, who dreams of becoming the Wizard King.
  • Trunks, from Dragon Ball. The son of Vegeta and Bulma, he possesses the incredible strength of his father, with the intelligence of his mother.
  • Boa Hancock, from One Piece. The captain of the Kuja Pirates and the only female member of the Shichibukai.
  • Renji Abarai, from Bleach. A highly talented swordsman.

So why are all these manga heroes coming together? Who cares — is story ever crucial to the enjoyment of a fighter? For Smash Bros all you need to know is “these are small figures of Nintendo characters come to life; now fight.” But for Jump Force, there is a reason behind the madness, and the new Story Trailer tells you everything.

Jump Force will be out February 15, 2019 for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

The sudden merger between the Real World and the Jump World, has resulted in chaos enveloping the Earth, with the invading villains leaving a trail of death, destruction and panic in their wake.

To tackle this new threat, a new team of heroes, the Jump Force, is formed by Director Glover featuring the strongest fighters from across the manga universe. Players will be able to create their own hero, customising their look and fighting moves with elements from across all your favourite franchises, before joining up with the Jump Force to stop the villains in their tracks.

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