Yikes…Jamie Kennedy is 50 years old. And despite rarely coming up in popular conversation, he’s managed to keep busy all that time. Kennedy has had a long and varied Hollywood career, as an actor, a producer, and as a stand-up comic….and it’s that last one that’s the focus of Stoopid Smart, a new special.

Starting this very minute, you can watch the special (which was filmed at Orange County’s REC ROOM) for free with the TubiTV app. According to the press release, topics that will be explored in Kennedy’s routine include “life as an unmarried man, being recognized in an Olive Garden, Alexander Graham Bell’s thoughts on sexting, and America’s most bizarre college majors.”

Kennedy most recently starred in James Gray’s sci-fi movie Ad Astra, which may be the first production in a long while that has some name recognition. He’s had recent roles in a movie called Riley’s Peak opposite Jon Voight, and the thriller Spinning Man opposite Guy Pearce and Pierce Brosnan. As far as TV is concerned he hasn’t had much luck, landing roles in things like NBC’s Heartbeat and Comedy Central’s Legends of Chamberlain Heights, both of which only lasted one season.

But he’s always got his stand-up to fall back on. Stoopid Smart is available to watch now on Tubi TV.