Halloween is coming back — the store shelves are filling up with candy, the empty store lots are draped with “Spirit Halloween” banners over their label scars, and Michael Myers is stomping around once more, looking for the one person he can’t kill, even though he killed her already several times.

Myers and Laurie Strode are two peas in a pod in that manner — it’s a familiar trope for a slasher movie villain to always recover from what appeared to be mortal wounds in the previous sequel. But Laurie’s done the impossible by returning over and over herself.

She’s not a clone and she’s not a hallucination….nor is she Jamie Lee Curtis playing Jamie Lee Curtis in a fourth-wall reboot. Laurie has the apparent power to rewrite continuity and strike every time she dies from canon, thereby making her as unstoppable as Myers. Strode is the ultimate Final Girl!

And she’s not afraid anymore. This time, she WANTS him to come back….so she can blow him away with the massive arsenal she’s been building up, waiting for this very moment! When these two titans clash next month, who will win? This new trailer doesn’t give away the answer. But we’re predicting a lot of “dead but not really dead” moments. On both sides.

Halloween continues — again — in theaters October 19.