You can now make a date for Witch Thief! Cardboard Keep’s upcoming unorthodox 3D bullet hell game will be coming to PC via Steam on September 21.

As the title implies, Charlotte is a witch, and she is also a thief. There’s a book of spells she’s after, and NOTHING will stand in her way — even though quite a lot is standing in her way. Unlike most thieves in literature, Charlotte prefers not to sneak around….she WANTS everyone to know she’s here and what she’s after, because who could stop her anyway?

Players will be expected to dodge a ridiculous amount of red-hot projectiles during their march toward the grimoire, but you have an advantage this time: the 3D camera. At any point, you can adjust the third-person view toward any angle, from low on the ground to high in the air. This will help you get perspective and aid in anticipating what’s coming your way.

  • Explore five distinctive zones from spooky forest glades to magnificent cathedral vaults, each with multiple boss battles and ambush arenas
  • Flexible difficulty – from standard limited-life modes with ramped challenges to an innovative “Chill” mode – where losing a life merely resets to weapon defaults
  • Adjust the player camera’s vertical angle on the fly to best deal with the patterns of attack, and use focus control to concentrate both projectile spread and visual perspective
  • Controls optimised for mouse and keyboard or game controller for fluid, twin-stick action
  • A cast of memorable bosses, from the castle’s guardian angel to the chuckling bishop!

Play well enough and you’ll unlock other playable characters, each with their own reasons for tracking down the spellbook. Witch Thief will be out on PC by the end of this month. If you’d prefer to play Witch Thief on a console, just wait…versions for other platforms are on the way in 2019.