Publisher Herocraft and Russian dev studio Nord Unit have just published their Breakout-like puzzler, Hyperforma, on Nintendo Switch. Previously the game was available only on mobile platforms.

If you know the basics of Breakout, then you get the idea already: use a bouncing ball to break environments. However, this one isn’t as simple as breaking through a wall of bricks. You’re attacking spherical structures of all different shapes and must figure out the strategy behind defeating each one.

There is a story element to Hyperforma, just like there’s a story included with Arkanoid, but with bouncing block puzzlers your motive is never THAT important. Something about confronting AI robots, and the trailer hints a princess is involved somewhere.

The Switch version of Hyperforma contains several improvements over its mobile counterpart, including an all-new mode that allows you to play with or against someone else. Hyperforma is available now on the Switch eShop.

Hyperforma is a vibrant 3D take on traditional breakout gameplay with a cyberpunk soundtrack and a story of confrontation between humans and artificial intelligence.

Hyperforma’s debut on the Nintendo Switch comes with many improvements and additions, including an all-new VERSUS co-op mode, resulting in not only the best breakout game you’ve ever played but the best version of Hyperforma to date.