Breaking news! The Unfinished Swan is almost, um… finished. Hmmm, paradoxical.

As per this post by Ian Dallas, Creative Director of developer Giant Sparrow, the PS3-exclusive first-person painter will land on the PlayStation Store on October 23rd. However, if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber you’ll be eligible to download it a week earlier. You jammy so-and-sos. 

For those of you that don’t know, The Unfinished Swan revolves around Monroe, an orphan boy whose mother left him an unfinished painting of a swan. One evening, it magically emerges from its canvas, and in an attempt to catch it Monroe is led into a surreal, unfinished kingdom where he must splash his all-white surroundings with black paint to reveal the world around him. 

Want to see this in action? We thought you might. Click play on the video embedded below, and have a happy weekend gamers! 

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