Uncork’d Entertainment will be publishing the action horror thriller Getaway on DVD and VOD platforms next month.

Perky Tamara has invited her two best friends up to the lake for a weekend getaway. For a while, it’s a blast — until Tam is suddenly kidnapped by a gang of ruthless backwoods cultists. To survive the encounter, she and her friends are going to have to fight back.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Getaway is that it was co-written and directed by Lane Tolan, better known as the voice of Arnold from Nickelodeon’s “Hey Arnold.” Talk about a radical career shift. You never know what dark stories are truly brewing inside a small football-shaped head, do you?

Tolan also appears in the film, alongside Scout Taylor-Compton (“Halloween”), Landry Allbright (“Star Trek : Picard”), Jamil Walker Smith (“Stargate Universe”), Jaclyn Betham (“The Haves and Have Nots”), Ben Deschaine (Super Shark), and Chrystopher Ryan Johnson (“The Riches”).

Getaway will be out on DVD and digital this April.

Halloween’s Scout Taylor-Compton stars in an unnerving kidnapping thriller from Uncork’d Entertainment.
Tamara Miller has planned a weekend lake getaway with her two best friends. When she gets kidnapped by a backwoods cult, eerie and unexplained occurrences arise. Will she make it out alive or become the treasure of these deranged lunatics?