When Chess And Poker Collide, You Get The Challengers CHOKER Cup

Peter Paltridge

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There is a free app on iOS and Android that combines two age-old games of wits, strategy, composure and luck: Chess and Poker. They call it CHOKER…and even though that was a word already, with potentially lurid connotations, we suppose it’s better than the alternative, “PESS.”
The ways by which chess and poker are combined get a bit complicated, but in basic terms, Choker works like this: you and your opponent start out with a nearly empty chess board, except for one King and Pawn on each side. You are then dealt cards, each with a chess figure on them…and then you start betting which hand has the better pieces. The winning pieces will be allowed placement on the board, and after a few rounds, the game turns into full-on chess. The idea is to win a good enough hand — or pull off a good enough bluff — to hold the better army at battle time.
It would seen Choker was born for esports, and it’s about to...

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Hey there! I just stumbled upon your post about the new app CHOKER and I have to say, I am really intrigued by the combination of chess and poker!

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