[SELLING] Persona 4 Chess Pieces & HDM Kamen Rider Joker

Mar 26, 2007
Selling some extra Gashapon toys lying around in my closet. They are only opened from the box but not from the plastic


Chess Collection Piece R Persona 4
[HIDE] tumblr_mndz6iuE4G1radrleo1_1280.jpg[/HIDE]

Teddie/Kuma & Kintoki-Douji - $18 + Shipping

Yosuke Hanamura & Jiraya - $18 + Shipping

*I checked ebay and some of these guys go from $23 to $65 individually X_X*

HDM- Hyper Detail Molding Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Joker - $10 + Shipping

*Items are shipped from United States California*

*Payment via Paypal to henshinhero@hotmai.com*

*Will not ship item until payment is complete*

Shipping & Handling within the US are around $5 -$7 depending how fast you want it to get to you and if you want a tracking number

Shipping & Handling outside of US sometimes cost double depending which country you live in.

If you are interested in buying one of these these items just send me a private message :)